The situation today

Today, there many great ambitions and agreements. Nagoya, Paris, SDG. All of them talk in different ways about the fundamental importance of sustainable management, climate fight, halt and reverse biodiversity loss.

The very reason for this problems are humanity’s grave impact on nature.

For biodiversity loss on land, one of the main drivers are deforestation and intense plantation forestry, hence natural forests are the cradle and home for 80% of all land based biodiversity on Earth.

But nature can heal. Nature have recovered many times during history. Ecoforestry foundation is working with regenerative forestry, with the design from nature itself.

Welcome to see how.



Our vision i to regreen Earth, outside nationalparks and protected areas. Forestry and vibrant forests are possible to combine, with a forestry design that works hand i hand with nature.

Today we know that this is possible  – our vision is to show how.



The Ecoforestry Foundation is working to spread the knowledge of ecosystem based forestry, to establish  example- and  research centres. To show how we can design a green, sustainable forestry for the future. Based upon the principles of nature itself.



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