Forest vs Plantation

The forest has grown and evolved during millenia, forests accounting for eighty percent of earth’s land-based biodiversity.
Over the past 200 years, more than three quarters of the earth’s forests have been harvested. Sweden has only a few percent left.

Ecoforesty Foundation is committed to spreading knowledge about a smooth, ecosystem-based forestry. In this way plantations will eventually become full of life and biodiversity.
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“The blue pearl” was the nickname the earth received when the astronauts first saw the earth from space.
97% of all surface water is found in our oceans. 2.4% in the polar regions and only 0.6% in all the rivers, lakes and ponds of the earth.
The forests of the earth functions as the engine to fill our drinking water supplies.

Ecosystem Services

Ecosystem services provides the basis for human life on earth. Naturally functioning forests is a prerequisite for giving us water to drink, air to breathe and home for bumblebees and bees pollinating the food we eat. When we cut down a forest and plant a plantation we literally cut away the animal’s living room. The living space for all forest-living animals and plants.
Because of all the clear cut spaces and plantations we are now close to cutting off the branch we ourselves are sitting on.

Swedish environmental goals

14 of Sweden’s 16 environmental goals will not be reached by 2020. 13 of the environmental goals are linked to the forest. Biodiversity, “A rich plant and wildlife”, along with four other environmental goals, even show negative development.
A decisive step towards reaching environmental goals is to redesign forestry.
The positive thing is that it is possible to change from a bad system to a good and sustainable one. It can even be done really fast which several good international examples show examples of.

Ecoforestry Foundation – a non profit organisation

The Foundation’s mission is to promote ecosystem-based forestry, where the goal is that the forest used in the long term will be as similar to the natural forest as possible. The goal is living forests with high biodiversity which creates high resilience. Thus strong forests with good resistance against storms, fungi and insect attacks.

The Foundation’s objectives will be achieved through communication, research and practical examples. Research, local studies and international cooperation form the basis for the knowledge building.

Mikael Karlsson,

Founder of Ecoforestry Foundation


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